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Wisdom RMU Type HV Energy Meter

Dongfang Wisdom RMU Type HV Meter is designed for metering requirement of RMU in 10kV/11kV distribution network. This product can be installed in RMU cable compartment using plug-in method, it has advantages like light and small, space saving, convinient for install, energy saving and etc. There are metering, communication and monitoring three functions in this product, it can accurately doing metering for 3 pahse positive and negative active energy, 4 quadrant reactive energy and requireed energy, and measuring 3 phase voltage, current, active/reactive power, power factor in real time accurately, and check and record loss of voltage, current, etc. It can implement remote and local meter reading, programming and other functions.

Main Technical Parameters

Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Mesuaring Frequency : 45Hz~65Hz
Configuration : 3 phase 4 wires
Rated Voltage : 3×5.7/10 (11) kV
Tared Current : 200A, 250A, 600A, 630
Accuracy Temperature : Current Transducer class 0.2S
Voltage Transducer class 0.2
Network Type Energy Meter class 0.5S
Working Temperature : -25℃~60℃
Suitable Application : 10 (11) kV High Voltage Metering in RMU for Distribution Network
Features :
  • Composed by plug-in type voltage transducer, low power current transducer and network type energy meter
  • Provide flexible, compact solution to increase high voltage metering point for existing RMU
  • Povide overall lowest cost solution for RMU, Circuit Breaker to expand thier metering unit
  • No potential safety problem casued by electro magnetic resonan, high reliability, energy saving.


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