Grid Vision Power Sdn Bhd

Welcome to Grid Vision Power Sdn Bhd, where we address the pressing challenges faced by ports in powering ships while prioritizing environmental and public health concerns. Often, ports situated near urban centers expose millions to harmful emissions, particularly from ship diesel engines, contributing to increased cancer risks and adverse health effects.

Our Onshore Power System Solution emerges as a beacon of change. By enabling ships to connect to clean, onshore power sources while docked, we mitigate air pollution, create a peaceful port city environment, and reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, our system opens the door to supplying ships with renewable power through local networks.

Addressing Concern


If you think Shore Power isn't feasible for your port, let's have a conversation. We have solutions tailored to various port operations.

Cost and ROI

Worried about Shore Power being expensive with uncertain returns? Rest assured, we'll demonstrate a promising future with a green harbor and a handsome return on investment.

Our commitment is to provide international standard solutions at an affordable price, backed by a team of experts delivering world-class results.

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