Founder & Director

Founder and Director

Ir. Vincent Chew Hian Sern

Our Visionary Leader
Unlocking the Power of Innovation:
Ir. Vincent Chew Hian Sern is the driving force behind Grid Vision T&D Sdn Bhd, bringing with him a wealth of experience in project proposal, execution, market study, and technical sales. His expertise spans the transmission and distribution sectors, having worked with esteemed organizations such as TNB (Malaysia), SESB (Malaysia), PLN (Indonesia), MEA (Thailand), PEA (Thailand), and many others across various countries and industries.

Education & Achievement

  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Institute Teknologi Pertama
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Robert Gordon University
  • Graduate member of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
  • Master of Science in Electrical Power System from University of Bath
  • Professional Engineer of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
  • Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

Dedicated to Empowering Minds

Ir. Vincent Chew Hian Sern, possesses exceptional project management skills. He demonstrates the ability to lead complex projects from inception to completion, overseeing various aspects such as planning, execution, and delivery. His proficiency in managing resources, coordinating teams, and ensuring timely completion of tasks highlights his strong leadership and organizational abilities. Additionally, his success in implementing innovative technologies and solutions showcases his strategic vision and forward-thinking approach to project management. Overall, Ir. Vincent Chew Hian Sern's achievements reflect his exemplary managerial skills in driving impactful projects and delivering exceptional results.