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Usually, ports are near to populated city hubs –  so to say exposing millions of residents to pollution. Study indicates that emissions from diesel engines in ship to generate power while docking at berth, are remarkably more harmful to human bodies than those from petrol vehicles. Many epidemiological studies discovered that diesel exhaust exposure directly increases cancer risk. On top of that, the negative health effects of exposure to inhalable particulate matter are well documented. With tiny particles get into the lungs, pass through tissues and enter the blood stream,  which can then trigger inflammations which eventually cause heart and lung failures. WHO estimates that long term exposure to PM2.5 is associated with an increase in the risk of cardiopulmonary mortality by 6–13% per 10 µg/m3 of PM2.5.

The best solution will be onshore power system, the results are cleaner air, peaceful and quiet for the port city, and less CO2 impacting the atmosphere.  On top of that, it’s possible to supply ships with renewable power via the local power network too.  

What is your concerns ?

You may think that your port's operation is not feasible for Shore Power. frown

Or Shore Power solution is an expensive solution with the risk of becoming white elephant resulted in no ROI, and no green harbor at all !!! blush

enlightenedDon't worry, what you need to do is talk to us and we will explain to you it is not the case and show you the promising future.

enlightenedenlightenedWe have answers and solutions for you and the outcome will be truly green harbor and handsome ROI.enlightenedenlightened
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Our price is cheap but our solution will be international standard back up by thousands of experts working to delivery world-class solutions.

Find out more, contact us now. Let's benifit all beings in your ports as well as surrounding your ports by providing them clean air together with green nature, and ultimately, our mission -- to save the mother earth.heart

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Shore-Based Variable Frequency Power Supply
 Effective means to control air pollution in ports

DF5010 series shore-based variable frequency power supply system is divided into high-voltage variable-frequency power supply and low-voltage variable-frequency power supply. Through variable voltage and frequency conversion, the power input from the substation is converted into a power supply consistent with the ship's power receiving system, and then sent to the access point (shore) of the ship at the dock. Shore Power Box), it can withstand the impact of various loads of ships, ensure stable output voltage/frequency, reliable system and high power supply efficiency.