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Intellix GLA100 - Click to view details

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Intellix GLA100 - Click to view details Single Gas System Transformer Condition Monitoring System

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Cost Effective Transformer Warning Solution

Product Overview

Transformers are key and expensive components of the electrical grid and knowledge of their health condition is essential to having a reliable network. When a transformer’s insulation system is overstressed, gases are produced that dissolve into the insulating oil. Dissolved Gas-in-oil Analysis (DGA) is recognized as the best indicator of developing faults.

The Intellix GLA 100 is a small and intuitive transformer “gas level alarm” that uses the same proven technology used in other more expensive DGA monitors. It provides a cost-effective transformer warning solution, specifically tailored for monitoring less critical and less expensive transformers that would otherwise typically be left unmonitored.

Key Benefits
  • Proven technology at entry-level price point
  • Continually measures transformer fault gas level and rate of change
  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Integrated manual sampling port

Critical Generation and Transmission transformers are typically equipped with fully featured multigas monitoring systems capable of providing real-time diagnostics. As the criticality decreases, so does the number of monitored transformers and the number of fault gases monitored.

The Intellix GLA 100 offers substantial, yet cost effective, monitoring for the over 300,000 significant transformers worldwide that are currently unmonitored*. It offers a monitoring solution for important, less critical, less expensive transformers, where the aim is less about protecting the asset and more about :

  • Dispensing with regular site visits to perform routine manual DGA sampling
  • Getting prior warning that the transformer’s health is failing so replacement can be scheduled
  • Avoiding costly overtime and week-end work to replace transformer
  • Mitigating the inconvenience with commercial/industrial customers
The Intellix GLA 100 is ideal for small Power Transformers and larger pad-mounted Distribution Transformers. It can also be used on oil-filled instrument transformers (CTs and PTs), oil-filled ‘pipe type’ cables and on vacuum type oil-filled OLTCs.

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