Meet Our People

Meet Our People

Hear what our people say about working in Grid Vision T&D. Click on their names to read more on their stories.
Finance Manager

Rosanne Yong

Without teamwork, there is no way that the company is going to experience success. In teams, individuals will work together and accomplish a lot more than what they do by themselves.
Project Manager

Amar Halim

From product testing to managing projects and participating tender. One of the memorable moment is when our technical team (Kudos to them!) passed all the Suruhanjaya Tenaga & TNB requirement for Data Collection System project and now we are the proud service provider that produce cost efficient solution for all the Solar Players. Glad that we can indirectly contribute to a greener Malaysia!
Sales Manager

Firdaus Murad

We dealt with different levels of peoples and we faced different kind of situations in our lines of work. Despite all of these challenges, we are going to make it happens for you when you put the trust in us.

Alongside with my colleague Mr. Ruhairi the Senior Project Engineer, Grid Vision T&D Sdn Bhd have successfully spec-in the GE Hydran M2-X in the Tenaga Nasional Berhad Approval List of Acceptance Products for the Single Gas Online Dissolve Gas Analysis (ODGA) System.

With more than 100 units of single gas online dissolve gas analyser (ODGA) and 50 units of multigas online dissolve gas analyser (ODGA) installed as of Y2024 across Malaysia major electric utilities companies, independent power producers and private sectors, we are truly proud of our achievement and success.
Technical Manager

Lim Yee Chin

At Grid Vision T&D, a standout moment was when our technical team tackled the integration of an advanced SCADA system for a power utility client. This project was a true test of our collaborative spirit and technical prowess. Faced with significant challenges, it was the collective expertise, creativity, and dedication of our team that led to a breakthrough solution. Working closely together, we managed to seamlessly blend the new SCADA system with the client's existing infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency and grid reliability significantly. 

The success of this project was not just a technical victory but a testament to the power of teamwork. It reinforced Grid Vision T&D's core values of innovation, excellence, and the strength found in working as a unified team. This experience has firmly established our belief in collective effort as the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving our goals.
HR Manager

Shela Choong

People often say that a seed can only have infinite vitality if it is deeply rooted in fertile soil. An employee can thrive only if he/she is surrounded by an atmosphere of hard work.