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SC (B) 13-RL Three-Dimensional Volume Core resin Insulation Dry-Type Transformer


Three-dimensional volume core resin insulation dry-type transformer is a perfect combination of three dimensional volume core and resin insulation dry-type transformer. Apart from advantages of energy-saving, friendly environmental, low noise and low loss, it also has features of good electrical properties, low partial discharge calve, strong resisting lightning shock capability, strong anti-ahort circuit ability and high mechanical intensity.

  • Good electrical properties and low partial discharge value.
    Theis product adopts high insulation materials and thin insulation casting structure, which can effectively inhibit the partial discharge phenomenon.
  • Strong resisting lightning shock ability
    Low stress adopts foll winding, which has low voltage, large capacitance, and very strong resisting lightning shocj ability.
  • High mechanical strength, strong anti-soort circuit ability
    Due to the characteristics of material properties of the resin and the overrall casting, it would remain excellent mechanical propertiesthrough heat and curing. Therefore, is has high mechanical intensity. The short circuit experiments prove that it rarely damaged from short cicuit.
  • Seismic noise, refractory moisture-proof
    The transformer structure can effectively restrain the noise of oscillation, and keep it in the ideal state. At the same time, the whole coil being sealed by solid insulation coatingof the epoxy resin, it is difficult for the moisture to invade, which achieves the effect of moisture-proof and refractory.


Voltage Class :

Capacity :


This product is applicable to any foul and wet environment and areas which bear high fire-protection requirements and relatively heavy load.

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